About Kini

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I grew up on an island paradise and until I went away to college, took the beauty surrounding me for granted.  My father was a camera bug and buried us in 35mm slides which I am STILL digitizing little by little so I guess the desire to take photos is somewhat genetic.

I take scenic photos whenever I can.  Sunrises, and sunsets are never ending subjects for my camera.  I also enjoy action photography but without any professional sports teams in my state, I resort to the local high school sporting events.  It helps that I have players in those games and matches.  I love to share the shots with the kids and they love seeing themselves in hi-res!  I've recently ventured into taking commercial product shots for brochures and websites and am enjoying the challenges the go along with this type of photography.  My next step is to expand to portraits.  Send me a note if you're interested.  

Please enjoy this photos as I've enjoyed taking them and sharing them.


Kini (Cyndi) 

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